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3 Interior Designers Discuss Their Local Design Styles

Ever wonder what the biggest interior design trends are in your hometown? While eclectic styles are popping up more and more, and are a popular choice for those who don’t want to choose one style, there are still a few trends that are taking the lead.

Depending on where you live, design trends come and go. And, in a series of blogs, I’ll be sharing the words of award-winning interior designers and what they say are the most popular looks for homes in their specific area!

Here’s a first batch which focuses on interior design trends in Mississauga (Toronto), New Hampshire, and Atlanta.! I think you’ll be surprised with the varying requests these popular designers receive!

Mississauga, Ontario

In general it’s a contemporary, clean lined feel, most clients are looking for a simple understated elegance. Colour is coming back after too long with grey!
-Nicola Gillam of Nicola Interiors

Lakeshore Condo Living Room Blue Rug

Ruscoe Kitchen Interior Design

Lakeshore Condo Art And DesignImage Source: Nicola Interiors

Nicola Gillam’s work reflects central Canada’s sophisticated living with tailored furnishings, warm natural accents, and unique pops of color through artwork, textiles, and high-contrast color palettes. These interiors perfectly showcase the clean, contemporary style Nicola described!


Atlanta is a huge metropolitan area and it would probably be naive to believe that there is only one popular style. I think that in general the clients we have had the opportunity to work with are moving away from a purely neutral pallet and are embracing color. In addition there is a big push to not be held to old interior design rules. People are bravely mixing styles and creating their own unique take on traditional and modern. It is a fun time to be working in design in Atlanta.
-Nandina Home & Design

Formal Dining Room Modern Chandelier

Dining Room Blue White Farmhouse Table

Traditional Transitional Living Room Brick Fireplace BuiltinsImage Source: Nandina Home & Design

Nandina Home & Design express a mix of styles through their Atlanta designs, capturing a harmonious balance between traditional and contemporary styles. Their refreshing expression of classic-transitional styles are inspiringly elegant and always exhibit a unique flair, whether that be a serious accent color, textile, or accessory.

Franconia, New Hampshire

There isn’t one certain design style because despite its small size, New Hampshire is a very diverse state geographically. If there is one overlying theme, it is that NH tends to be less formal than other parts of the country. This is a very beautiful state, and consequently, everyone spends much of their life outdoors enjoying sports and the scenery. It is a very active population so I think that lends itself to informality.
-C. Randolph Trainor or CRT Interiors

Open Kitchen Design New Hampshire

Hampton Poolside Dining Area

Hampton Nh Kitchen Area DesignImage Source: C Randolph Trainor Interiors

A sense of adventure and love of life is found in each of Randy Trainor’s designs. Nailing the diverse trends of New Hampshire, Randy showcases mountain, Mediterranean, and country styled interiors, all of which have a laid-back sophistication. Many of Randy’s designs would look just as comfortable in the Rockies as they do in the ski country of New Hampshire making me think that maybe design is less about the region and more about the feeling of the place.

Which styles do you see most in your area? Let me know in the comment section below and stay tuned for my next batch of trends!