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October Mist: A Soothing Hue for 2022

For many, the past two years have changed how we live in and use our homes. Design styles like Japandi and Cottagecore are on-trend for their simplicity and the kinds of lifestyles they inspire. We’re moving toward living with more awareness and thinking of interiors mindfully and with intent. The peace-inducing, approachable, organic October Mist 1495  Benjamin Moore announced as Color of the Year 2022 pays homage to harmonious living and encourages creativity.

What is October Mist?

Mist Color

Romantic, timeless, adaptable. A warm color that’s inspired by botanicals, mystique, and good energy! What’s not to love? October mist is a subtle, soft sage that can hold its own if used independently, and it’s beautifully adaptable to an array of shades and styles. “Choosing a green for 2022 really echoes what we’re seeing in the world. What we always look to do for the coming year is we want to capture the spirit of what’s in the air. What are people gravitating toward? Having a soft, gently-shaded sage for 2022 felt really right. It’s approachable, it’s organic, it’s grounded yet there’s still a dreamy, misty quality to it,” explains Andrea Magno, Benjamin Moore Director of Color Marketing & Development.

The team at Benjamin Moore also curated the corresponding Color Trends 2022 palette, a canvas of 14 hues including October Mist. Each color represents qualities of groundedness, freedom, and the freshness of summer. “Individuality is what makes us unique. It’s what makes us, us. Our homes can be the ultimate form of self-expression. We curated our 2022 color trends palette with that in mind. You’ll see grounding greens, adaptable neutrals, frothy pales, and refreshed primaries. All chosen to work well together and give you the playground to create, to play, to nurture, and to express,” says Arianna Cesa, Benjamin Moore Color Marketing & Development Specialist. Check out the video for ways to use and experience these complementary shades.

For more information on October Mist and the entire palette, download the Benjamin Moore Color of the Year 2022 brochure.

How to Use It

Interior designers are loving October Mist.

Minneapolis-based founder of LiLu Interiors Lisa Peck shares how she would use the color and offers suggestions on how to pair the subtle green with various shades. Featured above are projects where Lisa used this hue in different ways — in a breakfast nook window treatment and a monochromatic powder room.

Bandd Design Living Room Decor
Bandd Design Bedroom Wallpaper

Oakland-based founder of BANDD DESIGN Sara Malek Barney used a silvery sage for a living area accent wall and bedroom wallpaper.

Extended Palette

Bedroom Color Trends Palette

Color can lift our mood and bring joy to our lives, and all of the fresh, soothing complementary hues that accompany October Mist do precisely that. These bedrooms are bathed in shades from the Color Trends 2022 palette. The first room showcases soft pastels like Hint of Violet 2114-60 (accent wall) and Quiet Moments 1563 (storage niche), while the second room features brighter hues like Pale Moon OC-108 (accent wall) and Collector’s Item AF-45 (left wall and ceiling).

Mist Painted Color

The palette includes slightly bolder hues that would look great in a living area, like this two-tone fireplace painted with October Mist 1495 and Morning Dew OC-140, and the bathroom accent wall painted with a matte Wild Flower 2090-40.

Get the Look

Here are a few ways to add this gentle hue to your interiors:

This gentle green wallpaper with elephant motifs offers playful sophistication.

To add a dash of calming color to your bedside reading, perhaps?

Perfect for a home office or study. 

In the spirit of artist Joan Miro’s sentiment: “I try to apply colors like words that shape poems, like notes that shape music,” 2022’s charming October Mist is nothing less than poetic.