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Sheltered-In and Inspired

Being sheltered-in-place can be daunting, but you can also use it as an opportunity to find new inspiration and create original art and design. It is only your body that is limited in this lockdown. In fact, stillness opens up new doorways to perception and can unleash a lot of creativity.

This is the perfect time to be inspired and to put it into action. Maybe you have artistic inclinations to act on? Or, maybe, like me, you love browsing the internet for beautiful interior design. Either way, now is the perfect time to find new inspiration.

Here is how I’m staying inspired during this lockdown:

1. Interior Design Books

Self-isolation is the perfect time to catch up on all your reading. Thanks to Kindle, getting a book is easier than ever. Just get an e-version. Here are two books I enjoyed reading:

Home Decor Cheat Sheet: Use your time at home to rearrange, redecorate, or re-plan your interiors. This book by Jessica Probus and Alice Mongkongllite has excellent tips and advice. Available on Kindle.

Elements of Style - Designing a Home and Life: Author Erin Gates offers an illustrated book that’s loaded with advice, inspiration, and ideas on how to make our interiors reflect your style. Available on Kindle.

2. Discovering Great Designers

Cherry Hills Village Breakfast Nook Design
Statement chandelier by Margarita Bravo
Southampton Modern Farmhouse Entry Way Design
Art selection by Betty Wasserman
Kelly Living Room Design
Play of color by Joy Street Design

Is staying at home making you rethink some of your design choices? I want to change a few things about my interiors as soon as lockdown ends. I’ve already started browsing my favorite designers and bookmark designs that inspire me. I recommend looking at Denver’s Margarita Bravo for exciting lights, New York City’s Betty Wasserman for how to use art, and Oakland’s Kelly Finley’s (Joy Street Design) for how to use gorgeous, vibrant color.

3. Mood Boards and Wishlists

What do I do with all the inspiration I find? I create mood boards and wishlists. It helps to have all the inspiration in one place, so I categorize my board into kitchens, living rooms, or decor items, etc. Mood boards also help me to organize all my ideas, so I can have them ready for implementation.

Save your favorite designs by using Pinterest, such as my Pinterest account here that is full of great inspiration and in my 98 ideabooks on Houzz. These are years worth of inspiration all saved in easy-to-access places!

I hope I’ve given you some ideas on how you can spend time in self-isolation and remain inspired. Stay safe, stay well, and be inspired!