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Fun Ways to Use Wallpaper

I recently came upon this gorgeous, printed wallpaper and noticed that the same wallpaper had been used by two designers whose work I follow. Denver’s Margarita Bravo (left image) and Oakland’s Joy Street Design (right image) have both used this wallpaper in their projects. While Margarita used it in her office, Kelly Finley (Principal Designer @ Joy Street Design) used it to add drama to one of her design projects.

This inspired me to browse through the work of both designers and explore the fun ways in which they use wallpaper. Here are some of my favorites from their work.

Margarita Bravo

Black And White Printed Wallpaper

The Denver designer’s work is eclectic, versatile, and loads of fun. Her energetic designs and energy can be seen in all her projects, and even her office flaunts unique decor elements. This black-and-white printed wallpaper, for example, is an excellent choice for work as it’s interesting but not too distracting, so it adds drama but maintains an environment that is conducive to work as well.

Observatory Park Dining Room Interiors
Margarita Bravo

A fun pattern for wallpaper doesn’t always have to be bold and dramatic. In this dining room, Margarita Bravo used a subtle, earthy wallpaper to suit the neutral palette while using a printed wallpaper in the hallway to add an interesting contrast.

Joy Street Design

Joystreetdesign Florence Avenue
Joy Street Design

The big, happy splash of bright-blue, printed wallpaper brings a sense of fresh, young energy to this room. It creates a colorful contrast to the white cabinets and brings a fun element to the space without overpowering it.

Georgetown Street Powder Room Design
Joy Street Design

This powder room may be small, but it’s loaded with unique design elements. The fish-print wallpaper has a light blue background that brings a freshness to the space, while the minimal sink with gold accents completes the look.

There we have it: wallpapers are the perfect tool for creative expression!