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Dark Kitchen Cabinets

Dark kitchen cabinetry is all the rage in 2020. Interior designers are creating moody palettes for kitchen cabinetry and the look is stunning. From dark woods, and deep blues, to dark matte greys and even black — kitchen cabinetry in 2020 is all about making a statement. Listed below are some of my favorite dark kitchen cabinet looks.

Artistic Urban Chicago Kitchen Renovation
Chi Renovation and Design

The Colorful, Stylish Look

Bonnie Brae Denver Kitchen Renovation
Margarita Bravo

Dark doesn’t always have to mean brown, grey or black. I love these deep, bright blue cabinets that Denver’s Margarita Bravo used in this kitchen. They are the focal point of the space and create a beautiful contrast to the white-and-silver, shimmery backsplash. What’s more, the cabinets are high on function too. There’s a clever nook that can accommodate bulky appliances like a microwave.

The Modern, Moody Look

Luxury Open Concept Kitchen Remodeling Chicago
Chi Renovation and Design

The neutral hue is being used in exciting new ways and shades that add a sophisticated touch to any room. Chicago’s Chi Renovation & Design used dark, matte grey, floor-to-ceiling cabinetry in this modern kitchen. The grey adds warmth and mood to the light countertop, tiled backsplash, and soft palette while the geometric pendants complete the look.

The Eco-friendly, Functional Look

Waterville Valley Nh Kitchen Design
Randy Trainor

These dark wood cabinets by New Hampshire’s Randy Trainor design are a practical, stylish storage solution for this family kitchen. Natural, sustainable design is one of 2020’s biggest trends, and Randy Trainor excels at green design. So if you want dark wood cabinetry that’s sustainably sourced, make sure you work with a designer who understands green design.

I hope this blog has inspired you to get experimental with your kitchen designs and try a darker shade for your kitchen cabinets.