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2018 Design Trends To Look Forward To

With the new year coming soon, we already are seeing the new design trends that will accompany it! As a time to start fresh, plenty of innovative trends are making big waves, especially after fall's High Point Market. By scouring the internet and honing in on top designers and design websites, I've gathered a few of my favorite looks that will be huge next year!

Here are my 4 top new trends:

Beige & Brown (Such As Pantone's "Frosted Almond")

Variations of brown and beige are making strides in design! The long-lived gray may not totally be “out,” but it is making space for this lovely color combination. From light brown to dark, this hue matches beautifully with cream and beige tones. The result is an earthy, sophisticated color combination that is warm and inviting. Here are a few different ways to pair this duo together:

la-canada-blvd-house-open-kitchen-design Image Source : Courtney Thomas Design

grousemont-estates-living-room-interior-decoration-seattle Image Source : Michelle Yorke Interior Design

leeward-brampton-living-area-design Image Source : Nicola Interiors

Orange Is The New Accent Color

Orange has slowly been creeping up on us since spring, so I’m glad to see this vibrant shade make more a stance in 2018. The bold saturation works wonders as an accent, especially when paired with muted woods, yellows and reds, and even rich blues. This adaptable accent color can turn any furnishings or piece of artwork into a real showstopper -- just as in these interiors:

warm-color-interior-design Image Source : Courtney Thomas Design

rustic-modern-living-room-bedroom-transitional-style-bed-design-1024×614 Image Source : Nandina Home & Design


Statement Art

Statement art isn't technically new, but the focus on larger art pieces is. Gallery walls are definitely hip and chic when done correctly, but designers are now looking for those show-stopping pieces that take up much more room. Investing in a "statement art piece" may seem limiting, but the following designs prove it can definitely be the right way to go:

art-design-on-walls Image Source : Crespo Design Group

wieuca-road-dining-room-interiors-atlanta Image Source : VRA Interiors

BridgeHampton-Modern-Kitchen1 Image Source : Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors

Contemporary Use Of Leather

Leather doesn't have to look outdated or heavy. In fact, a lot of designers are bringing back rich chestnut leather that nods to today’s contemporary styles. Leather pieces with tailored lines and sleek curves can look refreshing while mixing with a number of styles of transitional, eclectic, rustic, and so much more. Here are a few leather pieces I’m loving right now:



rustic-wall-design Image Source : CHI Renovation & Design

Keep an eye out for such design elements in upcoming showhouses, markets, and more as we have just began to see these styles unfold. What's your favorite look out of these? And, what other design trends do you predict to see in the future? Let me know in the comment section below -- and keep out for even more 2018 trends as the new year nears!