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Favorite Looks From High Point Market Fall 2017

While High Point Market has come and gone, everyone is still buzzing about their new favorite design styles. There were too many gorgeous showrooms to evaluate each one, but I thought I’d go over four design themes which really jumped out at me.

Texture Was Everywhere

Intriguing layers are no longer an afterthought in design as textures made a strong showing throughout HPMKT. From furniture to wall decor to lighting, texture is adding dimension to interiors in the most unique ways. Texture, whether rough or smooth, create necessary "visual weight" and contrast. These decorative additions keep interiors from looking "flat" or monotonous which aid in a cohesive style.



Monochromatic color palettes

Color trends come and go but earth tones and monochromatic hues are forever. Not only are these colors timeless, they are relatively easy to put together as it’s mixing & matching hues within the same family. I love a combination of white and cream with a bit of contrast of dark gray or chic black. One theme I saw throughout these monochromatic designs was the use of a contrasting color; as lighter shades add a striking but subtle luster and darker shades add a mysterious and sultry ambiance. Also, with a monochromatic color palette, texture (as seen above) is key - easily incorporate texture through varying textiles, prints, and materials.



Details Are The New Accent Color

With texture and monochrome designs it's no surprise detailed finishes are also trending. Engravings, unique furniture lines, and textured materials add stylish character that resemble polished and refined interiors. The finer details of a home can easily be overlooked, which is why I'm enjoying seeing such an emphasis on these small but powerful statements. If you’re going for a sophisticated design with limited color, detailed pieces are going to help even more by working in your favor.




Acrylic may have made it's big debut in 2017 but it’s definitely here to stay. Perfect for smaller spaces or adding a luxurious and transparent sheen to a home, acrylic is now being used on anything and everything, from chairs to tables to even decor! I love the look of acrylic legs (on tables and chairs) as it gives the illusion of floating furniture.



While there are countless talented designers and manufacturers, these were just a few of the looks that jumped out at me most. I'd love to hear which designs at HMPKT caught your attention, so leave me a comment below!