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Inside The World of Interior Design With Enrique Crespo

If you’re a fan of glamorous and highly creative interior designs, you’re going to love my next guest: Enrique Crespo! Founder of Tampa’s incredibly successful design firm Crespo Design Group.

As a full-service design firm, Crespo Design Group stands out from the rest; the team’s unconventional ideas, distinctive style, and creative thinking is unparalleled to any other design firm out there. Their unique eye for design has recently paved the way to receiving the Aurora Design Award for Excellence in Design as well as being critically acclaimed for their imaginative and beautiful remodeling skills. They ensure each client’s dream home comes true!

With over fifteen years of experience in designing award-winning residential and commercial interiors, Crespo Design Group has built a strong clientele, ranging throughout the whole East coast, from New York City to the Caribbean, to the West coast’s high-end areas of Los Angeles and Malibu. Some of his finest work has been done for the DeBartolo family that owns the San Francisco 49ers in their Tampa and Los Angeles residences.


So, without further ado, please welcome Enrique!

Q: Hi Enrique, as a huge fan of your designs, one of the elements that sticks out to me is your bold and fearless use of color. What color [combination] trends are you seeing a lot this year? Can you describe how colors go through their own trend cycles?

Enrique: Greys and blues. It is a lovely combination for coastal communities. I think most other color trends tend to wear themselves out in time and become overly saturated in the market. I always find that a trend is at it’s end when it has reached Pottery Barn.

beverly-hills-contemporary-living-hall Image Source: Crespo Design Group

Q: You’re also fantastic at incorporating prints into your interiors, what are some of your tips for mixing and matching patterns and/or fabrics?

Enrique: Don’t be afraid to take chances. It is important to keep a balance among patterns, so an easy trick is to start with the busiest and boldest pattern and work back from there - creating a tranquil and balanced interior.

Q: What would you say your favorite interior design style is to work with and why?

Enrique: Transitional, because I love clean lines and textures.

hyde-park-home-bedroom-fire-pitImage Source: Crespo Design Group

Q: Do most of your clients come to your design firm because they have a unique vision in mind for their home and know that your team is the place to go for such ideas? Or do you feel as though your design firm brings to life a unique vision that maybe they haven’t been aware of?

Enrique: Each design is extremely personalized and we don’t let our (potential) vision interfere with theirs. However, I think clients come to us with an overall aesthetic that they are drawn to and we assist them in personalizing it with creative tweaks.

Q: Is there one specific piece you believe is the most important item to splurge on? How come?

Enrique: Area Rugs. Hand made rugs are typically expensive, but they pull together the entire color palette you are working with while also anchoring the space.

palma-ceia-golf-course-home-living-interior Image Source: Crespo Design Group

Q: What do you feel most homeowners lack awareness in when it comes to designing their homes?

Enrique: Use of space. A lot of homeowners find it difficult to understand how they live and what would facilitate a well organized and efficient space, tailored to their needs.

south-tampa-waterfront-redesign-window-viewImage Source: Crespo Design Group

Thanks, Enrique, for joining us today and explaining some of your tips for designing a lively, colorful and patterned interior. For those of you who are interested in learning more about Enrique’s ideology on coastal greys and blues or mixing and matching pattern, check out his blog page where he goes into full detail on both these subjects and more!

Stay tuned for more designer interviews!