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4 Design Hacks For Your New Kitchen

Renovating a kitchen is the perfect time to customize its settings to meet the needs of your family! From aesthetics to function, kitchen design has come a long way in the past decade- including smart and eco-friendly designs. Such advancements have made it easier than ever to make adjustments that are durable and efficient enough to handle today’s busy households.

While a lot of people focus their attention on storage and appliances, Chi Renovation & Design has proven to go above and beyond, often thinking outside-the-box when it comes to their Chicagoland remodels. By anticipating the needs of their clients, they’ve designed many astonishing kitchens that, simply put, make life easier and more beautiful!

So, if you've taken the plunge and decided to reconstruct your kitchen, consider these 4 design elements:

Double-Sided Island Storage

Evanston Kitchen Remodel Island Design

Evanston Kitchen Remodel DesignImage Source: Chi Renovation & Design

Nothing looks better than a clean and organized space, and your kitchen is no exception. So, if wall space is limited - if you don’t have much room for cabinets, possibly to preserve the openness of the design or the spaciousness of the windows - a kitchen island with storage on both sides is a reliable solution. In the above design, Chi Renovation & Design makes sure to leave a comfortable amount of leg room on the bar side, but with the addition of 4 full-sized cabinets ready to be used! Sleek and tucked away, yet easy to reach, this island design will meet all of your needs.

Pull-Out Banquet Storage

Skokie Kitchen Interior DesignImage Source: Chi Renovation & Design

Banquettes are a great invention; offering comfortable seating and a place to store textiles, small appliances, and other kitchen or dining oriented materials. However, most banquette storage requires you to pull-up the cushions and wooden top surface. With an easy pull-out drawer, this provides less fumbling around — no more holding the bench up with one hand while sifting through your things with the other — as well as allowing more light to reach your storage space, also very useful in helping you find what you’re looking for.

Hidden Outlets

Chi Renovation Kitchen Outlet DesignImage Source: Chi Renovation & Design

In my opinion, a well-placed outlet is one of the most under-appreciated design elements. While some items need to be plugged in 24/7, such things as toasters, mixers, and blenders don’t. This concealed outlet station is the perfect solution for cooking equipment that needs to be easy to get to when in use. Chi Renovation has also designed drawers with outlets, another clever way to hide clutter and charge your phone. Both design hacks are great, but there’s something about this design that had me in awe!

Floor Vaccum

Chi Ren Kitchen Hacks Floor VaccumImage Source: Chi Renovation & Design

Possibly saving the best for last, this floorboard vaccum should really be in every home. No more bending down with a dustpan! Just sweep crumbs, dust, and other small messes towards this area for unbelievably easy clean-up. If you cook daily, have kids, or pets, this small but powerful mechanism will make your everyday pick-up much easier and simpler — a design hack I definitely recommend!

Love these kitchen additions? Find out more about Chi Renovation & Design and schedule a free in-home consultation! They are full of clever design ideas and are one of the highest rated general contractors in the Chicagoland area!♥