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Pretty in Pink Strawberry Ice!

Hey, decor lovers! This week I have fallen in love with the color pink! Not just any old pink, but the Pantone shade “Strawberry Ice.” From looking at (my now absolute fave) color board with this week’s findings, include fashion, textile patterns, soft furnishings and interiors.

With it’s delicate hue and charm, Strawberry Ice is a great shade for this summer. Not only is it a pretty sweet color but also a summer staple, seen in everything from fashion (to show off your healthy glow!), home decor accessories, and even cocktails! (yayy).

Looking through the latest design images and seeing that crossover between fashion and interiors has piqued my interest in all things colorful this month. I want to add more color into my life, from nail polish to a few kitchen accessories in my home, I think it’s high time that color became a more important part of my everyday. It makes me feel so happy and is a great excuse to go shopping!

I put together a few images that I am gaining major inspo from…

Pinterest imagesImage Source: Pinterest

The subtle pinks of the bedroom work so well matched with white or grey. I also really need that ceramic mug in my life! Pretty pink parasols and decorative wallpapers are also adorably feminine!


Thinking about interior design (as always!) I found images from interior designers that have used Strawberry Ice in their work, with some great ideas on how easily this color could be integrated into your home…

Image Source: Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors, Ltd.

The window treatments and sofa work well in this gorgeous family room. Mixed with neutral colors, the room is given a warm comfortable feeling with the fantastic addition of this pinky color.


RHK-Living-Room2Image Source: Lumar Interiors

This lovely room (that makes me think of Jane Austen or maybe the ladies from Cranford, sitting gossiping!)  with a light green hue, comes to life with the addition of pink pillows and a leafy patterned chair. This is a truly elegant space in which the use of pink has given a soft feminine touch, matched well with pretty wall art and decorative furnishings. I could totes see myself reading and relaxing in this living room, with a cup of coffee and a blueberry muffin!


pink-bedroomImage Source: Millbrook Circle Interior Design

A bedroom with many pink details, from the ceiling and walls to the pretty patterned textiles. This color works well mixed with browns and some metallic decor accessories. I would love to see what they did with the closet!


Wallpaper is also something I love, from vintage patterns to the more contemporary, there are so many that I want! Ok, so maybe years ago you had to get out the wallpaper glue and get messy, but these days it can be easy with the removable kinds. Then you can change it when you get bored! (I wonder if I could do that every month...)

Image Source: LimitLess Walls

One of the vintage wallpaper designers I have always admired is William Morris (you know...from the Arts and Crafts Movement). With the original floral block prints (how detailed??) now becoming more and more popular. I was lucky to find this pattern with a hint of strawberry ice! How forward thinking you were Mr. Morris!


#PinkImage Source: Pinterest

Just look at this gorgeous wallpaper with a pink damask repeating pattern. The home decor furnishings and accessories have mismatched prints that work well in this clean no clutter workspace.


What do you think about the Strawberry Ice shade of pink? Would you wear it or have it in your home?