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Yummy “Toasted Almond” – Color of the Week Inspiration

I’ve been in serious need for a manicure for a while now and finally decided to book an appointment at the cute nail salon just down the road from my house (couldn’t get away with it a day longer!).

Now, I normally would have chosen a vibrant summer color but remember how last week I told you all that I was pinning away, obsessing over Pinterest boards? Yeah, well, I’m still at it and this week on Colors We Love, is a beautiful nude/light brown-like color, better described as “Toasted Almond.” So, going to my nail appointment, I knew exactly which little nail polish bottle I was going to keep an eye out for! According to my manicurists, Toasted Almond is a must color this summer for nails but also for so much more!

Image Source: All Lacquered Up

An hour later I walked out of the salon with my (finally) beautiful nails and a need to find out more about this delicious Toasted Almond! Turns out, this color looks amazing however you decide to use it and I’m not exaggerating a bit! In order to persuade each and every one of you beautiful readers, I’ve gathered a few images to prove my point. Trust me, by the end of this post you will be in love with it and will want to wear it, eat it, and decorate with it! I know I already want to!

If you were aiming for an all Toasted Almond color look, outfits like these, along with the matching nail color, would definitely get you there! I can easily see myself wearing outfits 2 and 3!

Just look at this purse. I think I am in love. This purse would look divine with an all Toasted Almond outfit or most anything!

I know, it is a scrumptious color, right? In case you were wondering, yes, it comes in a delicious edible version too!

Now that we ogled the ways we can wear (and eat) this beautiful color, let’s bring it home! When it comes to your interior, the effects of earthy shades are so calming, you can keep the entire room neutral and play with small splashes of color, like these baby blue pillows. I feel relaxed just looking at it! Don’t you?

But what happens when the exact opposite is done like this beautiful living room below? Hmm...Tough decision! Painting the walls a brighter color and using a toasted almond shade as sofa upholstery looks incredible too!

Image Source: Amanda Carol Interiors

Imagine being able to sit in this living room and while away your nights on Netflix, eating chips and relaxing after a busy day at work! I could only dream of having a view like this - with neutral colors and a unique coffee table, the decor is subtle, and does not distract from the floor to ceiling windows. The designer has made this space into a comfortable zone with modern style.

This color board is an excellent suggestion on the possible ways you can use Toasted Almond color this summer to create a fresh and beautiful interior that will make your friends turn green with jealousy!

I’ll leave you with one final drool-worthy image. How incredibly stylish, glamorous is this wedding reception table? It would make any bride feel like a princess straight out of a fairytale! I do! I do!

Image Source: Pinterest

How will you be using this gorgeous shade?

I can’t wait to see which color will be featured next week!