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Warm Textures For A Winter Wonderland Interior

Creating a warm interior is one of my favorite parts of winter! Traditional prints, heavy throws, and organic features are all textures that will help capture a winter oasis right in your own home! So, if your home needs a touch of comfort, check out these 3 tips on accentuating texture and making the most out of your home this season!

Natural Elements

Modern Luxury Home Living Room Blue White Transitional Style Design MantleImage Source: Nandina Home & Design

Living Room Natural ElementsImage Source: Susie Hersker

La Costa Lane Atlanta Living Room DesignImage Source: VRA Interiors

Natural elements are great all year-round, but there’s something about darker woods, richer greens, and stones that really warm up a space during the winter months. While you embrace moodier saturations through your textiles, fabrics, and even probably your wardrobe, incorporating richer accents made of natural materials will balance out your design while adding an uplifting touch of color and texture that brings the outdoors inside.

Heavy Fabrics & Bold Prints

Artistic Urban Chicago Master Bedroom RemodelingImage Source: Chi Renovation & Design

Patterns And Geometric Shapes Camden Lane Interior DesignImage Source: Camden Lane Interiors

While winter isn’t the time to play around with light & sheer fabrics, that doesn’t mean you can’t still show off a stylish interior that’s light, airy, and winter-appropriate! Finding the right winter textiles for your home is the first step. You’ll want to first work on finding the fabrics that work for you and your home! Wool, fleece, cashmere, and cotton are some of the most popular choices for winter. Creams are great at softening a room, so I personally love a contrasting cream and black print, including tribal patterns and geometric shapes.

Cowhides & Furs

Bandd Designs Cowhides And FursImage Source: BANDD DESIGN


Not much beats the look of (faux) fur and cowhides during winter! As a classic staple in luxury designs, furs and cowhides are a great finishing touch to most design styles, including contemporary, modern, or farmhouse. Faux fur elements are rich in looks and touch, and will seamlessly add an extra level of comfort, style, and function to your winter home. From throw pillows and blankets to area rugs, such accessories are fun to layer and even better to cozy up in!

Hope I gave you some winter-themed design ideas to try! I’d love to hear which items you loved (or not) in the comments below! Or, let me in on your winter decor secrets - tell me which items are a must-have in your home!

Happy designing!♥