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Designing a kids room requires a different approach than the rest of the house. Children’s taste and habits are constantly changing and evolving, so when designing a kids room, one has to be very creative and think out of the box so that kids don’t get quickly bored with their room. The design has to be functional yet playful and stylish. You also have to consider the health and safety of the children. Always choose green materials and finishes, as well as furniture and fixtures that can’t harm the child in any way. 

Listed below are three ideas that will help you turn your kids room into a joyful, practical, engaging, and safe space.

Paints and Wallpaper

Organic, zero-VOC paints are a healthy choice for the entire home but especially for a kids room. Do your research and look for paints that do not off-gas toxic chemicals into your child’s breathing space. The same applies to wallpaper — choose eco-friendly wallpaper that can be applied using non-toxic, zero-VOC adhesives. In addition to non-toxic, choose stain-resistant, easy-to-clean paints as children will be children, so stains and spills must be kept in mind when selecting surfaces.

The Real Milk Paint Co
Sunflower by The Real Milk Paint Co.

The Real Milk Paint Co.’s powdered, child-safe paints are made from 100% organic materials, they’re environmentally friendly, zero-VOC, and non-toxic. Another green option is the Harmony line by Sherwin-Williams: its GreenGuard® Indoor Air Quality Certified and GreenGuard® Certified for children.

In terms of color, a kids room works best when it’s bright and playful. You can choose prime paint colors or patterned wallpaper with whimsical prints to add excitement and drama. I love the golden-triangle wallpaper in this kids room by Oakland’s Joy Street Design. It’s simple but adds a unique touch to the space.

Gower Street Kids Room Design
Joy Street Design


As with the paint, choose non-toxic furniture that has been assembled with zero-VOC adhesives and sealants. A piece of furniture can become an interactive, playful experience for a child. Use imaginative shapes and forms to furnish a child’s room. The kids room featured below showcases a gorgeous, elegant bunk bed. I like how Manhattan’s Betty Wasserman used color and texture in this room.

You can even create a custom bed for your kids room like this fresh-hued, elevated bed by Oakland’s Joy Street Design.

Barrows Road Kids Room Design
Joy Street Design


Illustrated rugs, in-door tents, or just pops of brightly-colored upholstery — there are several ways to use accessories to add fun and excitement to your kids room. This room below utilizes a bright-orange teepee and chairs, and quirky art to add drama to the room and give it a bold look. I love the car-print wallpaper and zig-zag-patterned rug.

Kids Room Design Gower Street
Joy Street Design

The room features a multi-hued art, purple accessories, and a printed carpet to add a dash of color to this elegant, minimal kids room.

Chelsea Live Work Loft Kids Bedroom Design
Betty Wasserman

I hope these ideas have inspired you to give your kids room a fun yet functional renovation. Just keep in mind that health and safety come first, so always try to keep your design choices green.