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Popular Design Trends in Denver, Scottsdale, & Austin

While following interior design trends on Instagram and Pinterest is one of my hobbies, nothing beats actually talking with an interior designer! As part of my ongoing "design trend" series, I've been lucky enough to discuss current interior trends with three more award-winning designers; Margarita Bravo of Denver, Susie Hersker of Scottsdale, and Sara Malek Barney of Austin.

Each designer is well-known in their design communities for producing top-of-the-line interiors that best reflect the needs and wants of their clients. So, without further delay, here are the trends they say are most popular in their cities!

Denver, Colorado

Denver is a fast-growing city attracting people from different industries and from diverse backgrounds. Going forward, I expect clients to be attracted to minimalist but functional and organic settings where their modern and contemporary styles can be reflected on their homes. Denver clients will favor quality, approachable and seamless design processes.
- Margarita Bravo

Bonnie Brae Denver Kitchen RenovationImage Source: Margarita Bravo

St.paul Home Kitchen Interior DesignsImage Source: Margarita Bravo

Observatory Park Upscale Living Room DecorImage Source: Margarita Bravo

Margarita Bravo effortlessly brings together modern finishes and accents with organic textures. While modern, Margarita never fails to create warmth and approachability. Color palettes are often neutral, which play along with today’s contemporary and modern trends - but are often livened up by richly saturated hues reflected in nature.

Scottsdale, Arizona

I would say interiors are leaning to a more contemporary look in our area. That said, I would describe it as Desert Contemporary, or Soft Contemporary. We still mix in an organic feel in our contemporary homes because of the nature we live in. Clients want a lighter look, not as heavy and dark as it had been a few years ago.
- Susie Hersker of Design Directives

Master Bedroom Interior Design ArizonaImage Source: Design Directives

Kitchen Interior Design ArizonaImage Source: Design Directives

Luxury Living Room Design ArizonaImage Source: Design Directives

However similar a description this is to Denver's current trend, Susie Hersker works with a completely different style of architecture, landscape, and popular materials. It can be tough to create such a "lightened contemporary" look and feel, given the components, but Susie exceeds all expectations. Her use of light neutrals, natural fibers, handmade decor, and natural stone all lend a hand in creating a more updated Southwest style. The result is contemporary-modern feel coupled with the historical culture of the Southwest. Beautiful!

Austin, Texas

It seems that everyone is into gray and marble big time right now, but the Scandinavian mixed with mid-century look is very on trend in Austin right now as well."
- Sara Malek Barney of BANDD DESIGN

Downtown Austin Living Room DesignImage Source: BANDD DESIGN

Whitemarsh Master Bedroom DesignImage Source: BANDD DESIGN

Westlake House Dining Room DecorImage Source: BANDD DESIGN

Sara Malek Barney always brings an energizing feel to her Austin interiors, which does a superb job at coupling the simple aesthetic of Scandinavian style with trendy mid-century modern. Playful colors, prints, & accent pieces add a sense of youthfulness to her sophisticated and tailored interiors, setting a warm, welcoming, and cheerful tone! Sara and her team at are experts at balancing just the right amount of flair in a chic, neutral-inspired space.

Do you live in one of these areas? What interior design styles are you most interested in right now? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! Stay tuned for my next blog featuring even more top designers and their most requested style trends!