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The Surprising Color To Prevent The Winter Blues

As the novelty of colder, warmer, and cozier weather wears off, many people find themselves with the “winter blues.” Days are shorter, darker, and wetter, so it’s understandable to start feeling the drain of winter. However, if you’re a believer in a “clean home is a happy home,” then you’ll most likely agree that the way our interior looks and makes us feel has a significant effect on our well-being.

So, if you’re looking for a mood-booster, I’d like to explore the reasons why adding blue to your home might be the right move. Blue, most widely known for its representation of calmness and tranquility (such as the soothing ocean side) is also a color that promotes feelings of stability and rootedness. After a long day at the office, coming home to a space that creates said positive feelings is one of the ways to combat the “winter blues.”

Here are 3 simple ways to introduce blue into your home:


Berkshire House Sitting Area DesignImage Source: Courtney Thomas Design

Livingroom Interior Design Camden LaneImage Source: Camden Lane Interiors

Joy Street Design Living RoomImage Source: Joy Street Design

Entry Design

The living room is typically where we spend much of our time, so creating a calming atmosphere that invites you to cozy up in is one of the best ways to feel inspired by the colder weather. Rich velvets or cultural patterns add texture, playfulness, intrigue, and depth — all of which will help you keep your mind off of the dreary weather and, instead, focus on the rich and vibrant hues that are brightening up your interior!


Luxury Open Concept Kitchen Renovation Interior DesignImage Source: Chi Renovation & Design

Denver Bonnie Brae Open Kitchen RenovationImage Source: MARGARITA BRAVO

Kitchen Dining AreaImage Source: Joy Street Design


Bandddesign Living Room DecorImage Source: BANDD DESIGN

Berkshire House Hallway DesignImage Source: Courtney Thomas Design

Vaughan Renovation Family Room DesignImage Source: Lumar Interiors

The simplest way to bring blue into the home is through accent pieces. Ranging from textiles to glassware, putting bright blue tones on display will add life to your light, neutral interiors and tranquility to your dark(er) moodier ones. The best part of adding blue as an accent or complementary color is that there aren’t many colors this fine hue doesn’t go with; neutrals, check! Saturated greens, purples, yellows, check! Warm reds, oranges, and browns, check! The new burst of color is sure to lift your spirits and create the feeling of experiencing something “new.” Have fun with your accents!

I'm curious, how does winter leave you feeling? If you find yourself feeling sluggish or unmotivated during the colder months, what helps you cope? If you’re a lover of all things winter, what tips do you have to keep spirits up? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Designing!♥