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Design Is Moving Outdoors in the Cold of Winter

Entertaining outdoors in the winter can be a safe way to spend time with friends and family–if you are well-prepared for the cold. As many of us aren’t so well versed in the art of keeping ourselves warm while sitting outside in the bitter cold, I turned to my sources to get the best tips and products to achieve the warmth and comfort that you deserve.

Rugs and Heated Flooring

Heated Flooring And Rugs Design
Heated Snow Melting Carpeted Entrance Mat by HeatTrak

Outdoor rugs are an extra special way to add warmth and coziness to your outdoor space.  You can obtain a heated mat to go under any outdoor rug. Heated mats will help keep the snow and ice away so your guests have a warmer space to relax in. Furthermore, snow melting systems exist that can be installed under concrete or asphalt patios.

Heated Outdoor Furniture and Upholstery

Helios Lounge Outdoor Furniture And Upholstery
Helios Lounge by Galanter & Jones
Outdoor Furniture Design
Kosmos Conversation Set by Galanter & Jones

During the winter months, heated patio furniture is an ideal way to keep your company warm. The helios lounge and the kosmos conversation set, pictured above, both plug in and can be tailored to your specific design needs.

Cushions For Outdoor Patio Area
Ploov 45x45 Woolly Heated Cushion by Stoov

Additionally, there are also heated outdoor cushions and blankets that can be used to accessorize your winter outdoor patio area.

Outdoor Fireplaces and Heaters

Outdoor Gas Fire Pit And Heaters
Belle Stone Propane Gas Fire Pit Table by Orren Ellis
Opulent And Sleek Outdoor Fire Pit Design
Mix 850 Fire Pit by EcoSmart Fire

Outdoor fireplaces can be a great way to keep warm and to feel like you're in a more intimate environment with friends and family. This modern rectangle fire pit is opulent and sleek. It allows for warm conversations to happen even on cold nights. The ecosmart fire pit is luxurious and elegant, and it can be used with propane or bioethanol. It has a simple shape and is a great way to illuminate your outdoor area for guests. 

Propane based fire pits burn the brightest and emit the most heat. Propane runs through a hardline but has a refillable tank. In contrast bioethanol is eco-friendly and is made from plant byproducts. There are also natural gas and wood burning fire pits. Natural gas is often easily available through a pipe to your home and thus it doesn’t require any refills. It’s the most cost efficient fuel source and creates a more white toned fire. Wood, however, provides a more interesting burning experience, although it is much harder to regulate in intensity and it requires extra processing steps.

Infrared Umbrella Patio Heater
HLDS01-WCGT Propane Patio Heater w/Wheels, 48,000 BTU w/Table and 33" Heat Shield, Tall, Hammered Bronze by Hiland

To warm up a larger space outdoors, mushroom top propane heating towers can be used. Or, try  an infrared umbrella patio heater that can be used under an umbrella on your patio, as it can be folded down for easy storage when not in use. Infrared heaters heat using infrared light, which is invisible to the human eye. Gas powered infrared appliances heat through combustion of natural gas or propane. There are also many other types of heaters for outdoor spaces, like a pyramid-style propane heating tower, infrared hanging electric heater, table top portable heater, wall-mounted patio heater, and an electric heat lamp. Electric heaters are powered by either electricity plug-in or via direct connect to the fuse box within the home. Electric heaters can be expensive to run in cold climates or for long durations.

Your guests this winter should feel like they are in a cozy and warm environment, even if they are outdoors. The ideas provided here will allow you to decorate your outdoor patios with comforting decor, and provide your company with a sense of relaxation and joy for years to come.♥