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5 Wildly Successful Interior Design Trends for 2018

We are halfway into 2018, which means the excitement of this year’s trends is leveling out. True design trends are still showing momentum while the popularity of others has simmered. You may be surprised to see which styles are still going strong, as they weren’t at the forefront during the beginning months of this year.

Here are 5 design trends that have proven to be everywhere this year!


Kingstation King City Traditional Living Room InteriorsImage Source: Lumar Interiors

Fringe - or tassels, if you prefer - are everywhere. They are one of those trends that can appear on almost any furnishing and textile, including sofas/chairs, casegood drawers, pillows, throw blankets, and even lighting! While an overload of fringe wouldn’t look so hot, choosing one or two elements to showcase this style will give your home a look of both youthfulness and elegance, alongside some serious texture!

Wool furniture

Leeward Brampton Custom ChairsImage Source: Nicola Interiors

This year, wool has become the fabric for ultimate coziness and texture. Most often used on rugs, chairs, ottomans, and throws, this warm and durable fabric proves to be quite stylish especially when paired with modern styled pieces (such as the mid-century modern chairs that Nicola Interiors chose). It’s understandable that you may not be seeking out wool accents this time of year, but once October hits, you’ll be glad you did!

Bold Prints

Terminus Place Atlanta Bedroom DesignImage Source: VRA Interiors

Adding that extra bit of depth to an interior with bold prints is a great way to create visual interest without needing to go color-crazy. Not sure which print to use? Check out a recent blog of mine covering the most popular prints & patterns.

Celestial Lighting

Dining Room Royal York TorontoImage Source: Lumar Interiors

Exciting light fixtures have been on the up-and-up for a while. However, the celestial style has been one of the most exciting trends to appear in the lighting industry. Whether you want to add this look to a minimalist space or capture the full-effect of a maximalist one, a celestial pendant is a sure-fire way to make a design statement!

Home office

Study Room White Floor Rug

The discussion of home office design has never been so huge! With more people than ever working part-time and full-time from home, interior designers are often requested to create a cozy, chic, and productive workspace for their clients. There isn’t a specific home office trend, however, since every person benefits from different layouts and aesthetics - but if you are wondering whether a home office would be a smart move, the answer is a resounding "yes!"

Which of these design trends surprised you the most? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!

Happy designing!