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6 Hot Design Trends This Spring

Spring is a time to reset your home’s appearance, packing away winter clothes and home accessories, and fill the place with light fabrics and fresh colors. If you are looking to adjust your place for spring, check out these six spring trends that interior designers are loving right now! Image Source: Betty Wasserman Art & …
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Velvet: This Year’s Material

2016 seems to be the year of velvet. With its luxurious look and soft touch, velvet’s rich, deep colors and amazing undertones are taking front and center stage in the design world. Modern, classic, contemporary, and retro styles are all utilizing this plush fabric, creating spaces full of texture and color. So keep reading to …
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Allowing Art To Take The Lead

Lately, I’ve been rethinking the design plan of my living room. To give more of a background of my design philosophy, I prefer larger decor rather than smaller pieces. Decorating for the winter has been fun, though, so I can’t truthfully say that I have sworn off all small ornaments. Christmas was just too exciting, …
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8 Modern Christmas Decorating Ideas

Are you all getting excited for Christmas? This is my favorite time of the year; decorating, and making my home look festive, with warm and inviting Christmas decorations. While I prefer the classic look with knitted stockings, wooden reindeer, and handmade ornaments, traditional Christmas decorations don’t match everyone’s tastes. There are many other ways to …
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Kate Moss Turns To Interiors

KATE MOSS, THE BRITISH SUPERMODEL (WHO NEVER SEEMS TO AGE!), HAS TRIED HER HAND AT FASHION DESIGN, ACTING, SINGING, AND NOW INTERIOR DESIGN. Her first interior design project took place in a housing development in Cotswolds, UK. Set in the heart of the English countryside, this property is only a 90 minute drive from London, …
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